Capt. Gregory C. Daley


Expert Witness

Maritime Consultant

Capt. Daley is a working master of U.S. and Vanuatu flag vessels. He has operational and command experience with commercial workboats, tankers, cargo ships, sailboats and powered yachts, . He has commanded oilfield workboats in US, Mexican, South American and African waters and has accomplished several trans-ocean deliveries. As a working captain, he brings an analytical, operations-based approach to maritime consulting and litigation support. Operating vessels necessitates that he remains current in operational procedures, vessel equipment and relevant U. S. & international regulations.
Rescue platform on bow.

Swing rope from +10 dock.
Safety Focused
Safety is of prime importance to Capt. Daley. There has been no lost-time injuries and no deaths on vessels under his command. In April, 2012 he was awarded the first Safety Leader Award of Tidewater Marine, LLC. He has received numerous accolades from clients for performing complex procedures safely. Capt. Daley has developed several anti-piracy procedures and techniques which have successfully kept his vessel and crew out of harms way in the pirate infested waters of East and West Africa.

Substantive Reports
Capt. Daley is known to express complex engineering and operational concepts in plain English accompanied with helpful graphics, photos and charts. If you want to understand the operational aspects of your case, industry and vessel standards, international and domestic regulations and/or how the wind, sea & current affect operations, you will benefit from Capt. Daley's maritime consulting services.
Lift boat.

Stern of crewboat.
Capt. Daley has Mechnical Engineering and Nuclear Engineering Degrees from MIT. He has an MBA from OSU. He has successfully completed many formal classes in pursuit of his maritime and aviation licenses. He has successfuly completed several classes in operations, search and rescue, instruction, weather and command in association with his volunteer work with the US Coast Guard. He has successfully completed several classes in disaster assistance in association with his work with FEMA.

Capt. Daley holds a 6,000 ton OSV Oceans Master license, a 3,000 ton Motor and Steam Oceans Master license and an Unlimited Tonnage Oceans Second Mate license. He holds an unlimited DPO certificate from the Nautical Institute. He is a licensed Professional Engineer (currently in inactive status) in the state of Texas. He is an API RP 2D licensed crane operator and rigger. He holds an Airline Transport License with captain ratings for Boeing 737 and Learjet.
Control console of small crewboat.

 Lift Boat.
At Sea Consultant
As a working captain, he must limit his consultations to a handful of germane cases. By opining on maritime matters while in command of a vessel, his opinions are experience based, to the point, and credible. Capt. Daley's work schedule is typically 60 days at sea followed by 60 days of leave, allowing ample time for maritime consultations. Capt. Daley is able to communicate verbally at any time of the day or night while at sea or in port via maritime satellite phone.

Capt. Daley can receive and transmit documents via the internet when the vessel is in port and on some vessels, while underway. Vessel inspections, depositions and trial testimony must be scheduled during shore leave. Reading and analyzing materials can be accomplished offshore or onshore. Much research can be done offshore with internet access. Most report preparation can be performed offshore.


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