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Capt. Gregory C. Daley


Capt. Daley.

Oceans Master

Vessel Captain

Capt. Daley at helm.

Photo at helm.
Capt. Daley holds a US Merchant Mariners License with two Oceans Master endorsements:
- Self Propelled, Unlimited Tonnage
- Auxiliary Sail, 100 GRT

Photo of master licenses.
Capt. Daley holds a Vanuatu Mariners License with the same two endorsements that are on his USCG License.
Photo DPO certificate.
Capt. Daley holds an unlimited DPO certificate issued by the Nautical Institue. He has over 1300 days of DP experience.
 GMDSS Station.
Capt. Daley holds a US FCC GMDSS license, a Vanuatu GMDSS license and a US FCC "ham" radio License - call sign KG6OFU.
Texas Professional Engineer License.
Capt. Daley is a licensed engineer in the State of Texas. Currently his license is in inactive status.
 Boeing 737 Check Ride.
Capt. Daley holds an FAA Airline Transport (ATP) license with captain ratings for Learjet and Boeing-737. His instructor license is inactive.


Capt. Daley is an Associate Fellow of the Nautical Institute, whose objective is to provide the strongest possible professional focus, dedicated to improving standards of those involved in control of seagoing craft, while maintaining the Institute as an international centre of nautical excellence.
Nautical Institut Logo.
Capt. Daley is a member of the Society of Naval Architacts and Marine Engineers (SNAME), whose mission is to advance the art, science and practice of naval architecture, marine engineering, ocean engineering and other marine-related professions.
SNAME logo.
Capt. Daley is a professional member of the Association of Crane & Rigging Professionals (ACRP), working to develop national quality standards for the training and qualification process of crane operators and those who perform rigging activities. ACRP provides a training and certifications Program Quality Verification, which reviews developed programs prepared by professional and corporate training and certification groups.
ACRP logo.
Capt. Daley graduated from MIT with degrees in:
- BS Mechanical Eng.
- MS Mechanical Engineering
- MS Nuclear Eng.
He also earned an MBA from OSU.
MIT Courtyard.
Capt. Daley is a member of the US Coast Guard Auxiliary. He volunteered time serving on the Cutter Halibut.
Phot of USCGC Halibut.
As coxswain he was in command of auxiliary patrols. As vessel examiner he assisted the public to comply with Coast Guard regulations about their boat. As instructor he taught all of the boating and navigation classes offered.
 Deck crane operations.
Capt. Daley is a certified crane operator and riger under API RP 2D guidelines.

Steam & MOTOR Ships

Capt. Daley served on oilfield vessels in the Norwegian North Sea such as the Micoperi-26, a self-propelled derrick crane ship, as a Phillips Petroleum's company engineer supervising the construction of the Eldfisk 2/7 B complex. During one storm, he experienced 85 foot seas while underway on the Micoperi-26.
Photo from bridge of Lane Victory.

Capt. Daley volunteered his time on the SS Lane Victory, the last working World War II Victory Ship. From 2003 he worked as an AB & helmsman and from 2011 as a deck officer.
Photo from bridge of Lane Victory.

Capt. Daley served as an AB helmsman on Military Sealift Command's tanker, USNS John Lenthall based in Norfolk, VA, sailing primarily along the east coast of USA.
Photo from bridge of John Lenthall.

Powered Yachts

Capt. Daley managed and captained Entheos, an Azimut 46, for Catherine Bell, star of JAG, a TV series. He delivered it from Seattle, WA to Marina del Rey, CA.
Photo of Entheos.

Capt. Daley managed and captained this Fairline 64 going from Michigan to Washington, down the Snake & Columbia Rivers, up to Vancouver, Victoria & Princess Louisa Inlet, British Columbia, Canada then down to Puerto Vallarta, Manzanillo and Cabo San Lucas, Mexico and finishing in Santa Barbara, CA.
Photo of Chaos.

Capt. Daley has made numerous powered boat deliveries between Marina del Rey, CA and Ensenada, Mexico. For example the 70 ft. Motu Te Miti shown was delivered to Marina del Rey. The owner was given instruction by Capt. Daley until he was comfortable handling her.
Photo of Motu Te Miti.


Capt. Daley learned to sail in a Tech Dinghy at the MIT Sailing Pavilion in Boston's Charles River in 1969.
Photo of MIT Tech Dinghys.

Starting in the late 1970's Capt. Daley owned a Hobi Cat 16 for 10 years sailing many lakes in Oklahoma & Texas.
Photo of Hobi Cat 16.

Capt. Daley owned, raced and chartered his Newport 41s, Principessa. He won numerous regattas in Texas and California, including the 26 week Sunset Series of California Yacht Club (CYC).
Photo of Principessa.

Beginning 2001 Capt. Daley made numerous sailboat deliveries to and from Ensenada, Mexico and Marina del Rey, CA. This one one of the first, the personal Catalina 42 of the owner of Catalina yachts sold to a local LA couple.
Photo of SV Butler.
Commercial Boats

Capt. Daley was the master of crewboats operating in Louisiana, Mexico, and Brazil. Several deliveries were made between these countries. Some crewboats were DP 1.
Photo of Michelle Tide at rig.

Capt. Daley was the master of Fast Supply Vessels (FSV 175's) operating in Louisiana, Rio de Janeiro and São Luís Maranhão, Brazil. Deliveries were made between some of these ports. These are DP 1 vessels.
Photo of Jo Lynn Tide.

Capt. Daley was the master of old style OSV's ranging from 133 ft. to 200 ft. in Mexico.
Photo of Man O'War.

Capt. Daley was the master of Platform Supply Vessels operating in Louisiana, Cameroon, Equatorial Guinea & Gabon. These are DP 1 vessels with an LOA of 207 ft. LOA & gross tonnage of 1,624.
Photo of Bourgeois Tide.

Capt. Daley was the master of GPA 670 vessels. He delivered one (the Gubert Tide) from Singapore to West Africa, rounding the Cape of Good Hope. Also worked vessel in Côte d'Ivoire, Sierra Leone, Namibia & Moçambique. These are DP 2 vessels with an LOA of 240 ft. LOA & gross tonnage of 2,308.
Photo of Desoto Tide.

Capt. Daley was the master of VS-480 vessels in Ghana, Equatorial Guinea & Cameroon. These are DP 2 vessels with an LOA of 261 ft. LOA & gross tonnage of 3,183.
Photo of VS-480.


Capt. Daley owned N6848G, a Grob 103B for five years. He instructed in it and set a national speed record on an out and return course.
Grob 103B.

Capt. Daley learned to fly and began giving flight instruction in single engine Cessna aircraft.
Cessna 210.

Capt. Daley has flown captain on Beech Baron 58's for over 1,000 hours primarily on cargo runs.
Beech Baron 58.

Capt. Daley managed and captained N3858C, a Riley 421C turboprop. He has over 2,000 in this aircraft.
N3858C, Riley 421-C.

Capt. Daley has a Learjet type rating on his Airline Transport (ATP) pilot's License. He has several hundred hours of flight time in Learjet as captain.
Learjet 25D.

Capt. Daley has a Boeing 737 type rating on his ATP pilot's License. He has less than 50 hours of flight time in a Boeing 737 as captain.
Southwest Airline B-737.

Captain Gregory C. Daley
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