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Introduction to IMC

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Maritime Consultancy
Capt. Gregory C. Daley


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International Maritime Consultancy, LLC ("IMC")

International Maritime Consultancy ("IMC") first began operation in Los Angeles, CA in the year 2000, offering sail & power boat charters, sail & power boat deliveries, navigation instruction, boat handling instruction and vessel management.  IMC performed its first expert witness consulting for a personal injury occuring on a recreational vessel off the coast of Catalina Island, California in 2004.  Since then, IMC has been engaged by both defendant and plaintiff attorneys on over 70 maritime cases ranging from small boats to large ships, on both international and inland waters, usually involving the oil and gas industry.

Captain Daley at Helm

Master Mariner

  • Master of Self-Propelled Vessels of Unlimited Tonnage upon Oceans
  • Certified Safety Professional by ASSP
  • Maritime Weather Expert
  • Master of Less Than 100 Ton Sail upon Oceans
  • Dynamic Position Operator Unlimited
Maritime Accident

Maritime Expert Witness

  • Consulting services Provided in Over 70 Cases
  • Maritime Safety / Maritime Operations
  • Personnel Basket Operations / Safety
  • Accident Reconstruction
    • International and Inland Waters
    • Recreational and Commercial Vessels
    • Oilfield Vessels, Conventional and Z Drive
    • Archived AIS Positions by PortVision and MRTIS
    • Archived NWS Wind Wave Analysis
    • Archived NWS Shore and Maritime Weather Forecasts
Education Photo


  • MIT, B.S. and M.S. Mechanical Engineering
  • MIT, M.S. Nuclear Engineering
  • OSU, MBA - Finance
  • LAMPI - 500 Ton, 1600 Ton, Mates Unlimited, Master Unlimited
  • USCGA - Boat Crew and Coxwain Certification
  • USCGA - Numerous ICS FEMA Courses
  • USCGA - Specialty Schools in Navigation, Weather, Search and Rescue and Others
  • NWS - Advanced Weather Observer
  • Maritime Professional Training (MPT) - Advanced Shiphandling
  • FAA - Flight Schools for Private, Commercial, Instructor and Glider Licenses
  • Southwest Airlines - Boeing 737 Type Rating
  • Simuflite - Learjet Type Rating
Photo from Drone


  • FAA Licensed Part 107 Drone Operator
  • Certified Drone Photographer by PPA
  • Vessel and Accident Site Video Documentation
  • Drone Videos Accepted as Evidence in Several Courts
CPP Photo


  • Certified Professional Photographer by PPA
  • Photo Enhancement and Editing
  • Director of Professional Photographers of Louisiana
  • Photos Earned Over 3,000 Awards in 52 Countries
  • Dedicated Studio Under Construction
Annotated Video


  • Video and Audio Capture by Camera and Microphones
    • Vessel and Accident Inspectons
    • Meetings and Speeches
    • Special Events
    • Depositions
  • Video and Audio Capture of Computer Screen Info
  • Add-In Naration of Videos


  • FAA Licensed Airline Transport Pilot
  • Captain, Single and Multi Engine Aircraft under 18,500 pounds
  • Captain, Boeing 737's and Learjets
  • FAA Licensed Part 107 Pilot (Drone Operator)
  • FAA Licensed Glider Pilot
  • NAA / FAI National Glider Record, Speed on Out and Return Flight
  • FAA Licensed Ground and Flight Instructor