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Inspecting the Canals of South Louisiana

  • As a teenager, I spent many weekends flying right seat in my father's company's airplane N11W, a Grumman Widgeon, G-44.  We inspected their bucket dredges while they were dredging canals throughout South Louisiana.  We would land in and take off from these small canals. The Widgeon was aawesome amphibious aircraft for its day. These flights began my love for flight.
Cessna 210

Private Pilot 🡺 Commercial Pilot 🡺 Instructor Pilot Ratings (Part 91)

  • Returning from 3 years in Europe to Bartlesville, OK provided a wonderful opportunity to learn to fly. After obtaining my Private License I determined it was cheaper to let someone else pay for the airplane, so I obtained my commercial and instructor licenses and taught flying for several year. I met some wonderful people and accumulated many great "hangar stories".
Beech Baron

Air Exchange (Part 135)

  • Flew cargo at night for Air Exchange, a Part 135 cargo operator out Love Field, Dallas, Texas. Flew into and out of many large and small airports in Texas, Louisiana and Oklahoma, primarily carrying bank checks for the Federal Reserve clearing process. Amassed over 1,000 hours PIC in Beech Barons. Encountered many exciting incidents as the aircraft were not always in the best of condition.

VanAir (Part 135) 

  • Started up VanAir, a Part 135 air charter company using N3858C, a Riley Conversion Cessna 421. The startup required writing up all of the operations and safety manuals, performing the FAA check rides and securing FAA approval for operation. The Riley Conversion was a Cessna 421 substituting  375 hp piston engines with 750 hp turboprop engines. It was quite a fine aircraft. I accrued several thousand hours in N3858C.
Check Ride Photo

Southwest Airlines (Part 121)

  • Earned my type rating (captain license) for Boeing 737's in the Southwest Airlines Training Center at Love Field, Dallas, Texas. It was an intense three week course which included comprehensive aircraft systems training, simulator training and a check ride with the FAA one night at Fort Worth Alliance Airfield. This happy photograph was made that evening after I passed my check ride in Southwest Airline's Boeing 737, N82SW.

VanAir Learjet (Part 135)

  • I upgraded our equipment by trading in the Riley Conversion for a Lerjet. Securing the FAA approvals for the new equipment was more complex than the initial Part 135 approval. The Learjet is a two pilot airplane. We also hired a full time mechanic to work on the aircraft. Thundering down the runway for takeoff in the captain's seat is an extreme adrenaline rush.
N5364G in Taos

Glider Pilot & Instructor (Part 91)

  • Flying my Grob 103 glider is similar to sailing a sailboat. Sail power and wing lift are both described by Bernouli principal. It is so quiet and such a challenge to use only the forces of nature to lift you in the air and travel to your destination. Instructing others in the art of gliding was challenging and satifying.
National Record

Glider National Record

  • In 1985 Don Hammer and I set a National Record for Glider Flying by breaking the current record for speed over an out and return course over 300 kilometers. It was a long and at times terrifying flight from Taos, New Mexico to Salida, Colorado and return. Using all three methods of lift for a glider, we managed to successfully complete our goal.

  • Click Here to See FAI NAA Record Documentation
Abbeville Bridge

Drone Operator - FAA Part 107 Pilot

  • An FAA Part 107 pilot's license is required to commercially operate a drone. The test for this license is quite comprehensive and complex. I was very glad I had the prior pilot experiences before taking the Part 107 test. I am legal to fly my Mavic 2 Pro drone for compensation.