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Maritime Consultancy
Capt. Gregory C. Daley


Captain Daley

Acknowledged Expert

  • Maritime Operations
  • Maritime Safety
  • Maritime Navigation
  • Maritime Weather
  • Personnel Basket Operations
  • Personnel Basket Safety
  • Maritime Accident Reconstruction
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Location Reconstruction Resources

  • Archived AIS Position Reports by Oceaneering PortVision (licensed)
  • Archived AIS Position Reports by MRTIS (licensed)
  • Expert Interpreting Rose Point ECS (purchased & licensed)
  • NOAA Paper Charts
  • Navionics Electronic Charts
  • My Fifty Years of Experience in Navigating Marine Vessels and Aircraft
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Weather Resources

  • Archived NWS Wind and Wave Analysis
  • Archived NWS Maritime Forecast
  • Archived NWS Inland Forecast;
  • Archived NWS NEXRAD (Weather RADAR) Charts
  • My Meteorological & National Weather Services Contacts
  • Twenty Years Experince in the Interpretation of Marine Weather Forecasts and Relying on My Understanding of Marine Weather Systems
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Other Resources

  • My Personal Reference Library of books on safety, marine operations, Marine Rules & Regulations, Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering, MIT Engineering Textbooks, IMO Books, Nautical Institute Books, and Numerous Operating Manuals for Marine Equipment.
  • US Coast Guard Contacts Developed through my Work as a US Coast Guard Auxiliarist
  • Numerous Maritime Officers from the Fleets I Worked
  • My Safety Industry Contacts through the ASSP, American Socirty of Safety Professionals and through Tidewater
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Federal Rules And Procedures

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Expert Witness Required Court Exhibits

  • The Following Exhibits are Available by Request
    • Exhibit A - Curriculum Vitae
    • Exhibit B - Testimony Provided in Cases in the Past 4 Years
    • Exhibit C - Rate Sheet
  • To Obtain These Documents Please Either: